Hello (Adele Song)

This meme is based on the song “hello” by recoding artist Adele from her 2015 album “25”, the meme focuses on one particular scene in the music video where adelle is seen taking to someone on a mobile phone.


The original song hello by adele was published on 22nd October 2015. According to Google trends, this meme was peaked in popularity during November 2015.


The main use of this meme is to remix the scene where Adele is seen talking to an unknown individual on her mobile phone with videos of other people who are also taking to someone on a phone so as to appear as if Adele and the other individual are having a conversation with each other.


Personally I did not like this meme funny at all as the jokes which were made in the remix videos were not funny, they usually consisted of the scene where adele picks up the phone and says hello mixed with other video clips of people picking up the phone so as to look like the were responding to Adele however the jokes were not particularly funny.

The only remix which I found to be ok was when someone mixed the scene where Adele says hello on the phone with Lionel richie’s song hello. Apart from this remix the rest were mediocre at best.

I give this meme 2/10 as the remixes are not really funny and I feel that the only reason as to why this meme achieved some viral popularity was because the original song was so well received by the general public.



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