Heaa Kid


The heaa kid is an internet meme which is based off a youtube video in which a man can be seen talking to a fat child in the middle of the street. The child then goes into detail (to the man who is taking the video) about how he was having sex with a girl the night before.

The heaa meme gets its name “heaa” because that is the sound which the fat boy makes when asked by the man in the video “what was her name ?” which is a reference to the girl that the fat boy claims he had sex with the night before.


It turns out that the original video to this meme is quite elusive however after a fair amount of time researching on YouTube I believe that the original video is called Nigga I fuck this bitch last night tho by YouTube user TheCod Hub who posted it to his / her youtube channel on 24th September 2014.

Even though the original video was created in September 2014, this video did not become a meme until April 2016. The google trends chart confirms this because there is a sharp peak during April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to get the part of the video where they boy says “heaa” and mix it with music so that it sounds funny and fits with the music.

Also another way to use this meme is to get the sound effect that the boy makes when he is clapping his hands on his legs and mixing that sound with music in a way that is similar to the way stated above.


I think that this is a very funny meme, first of all by watching the original video it is quite evident that the boy was just lying to the man about having sex with a girl. This is proven when the man asks the boy “what’s her name ?” to which the boy panics in yells “heaa !” which I found to be very funny !

Secondly the remixes are quite funny as well, in opinion this meme is reminiscent of the peanut butter baby meme where in a funny sound is used to create remixes from.

Overall I would rate this meme a solid 7/10 because it is highly entertaining.



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