He need some Milk

This meme is based on a viral video in which a woman can be seen providing a running commentary while a young man who she is recoding is having a bad experience with what she believes is the synthetic drug “mojo”. What stands out about the commentary is when the women says “he needs some milk” after the man trips over himself as a result of his bad drug trip.


This meme originates from a youtube video called give that boy some milk! Mojo synthetic drug trip, this video was posted by the youtube user “jstudio” on 4th February 2015.

According to Google trends, this meme peaked in popularity during January 2016.


The main use of this meme is to mix the audio where the woman says “he needs some milk” with video clips of people injuring themselves. The audio is usually played immediately after someone is injured in the video clip.


I find this meme to be quite hilarious, its funny because after someone has injured themselves “he needs some milk” is one of the least likely things you expect to hear from someone, I mean what is milk going to do for them while they are injured ? Keep them hydrated ?

It is this stupidly which I feel makes this meme so funny, this also combined with the fact that the “he needs some milk” audio goes so well with videos of people injuring themselves is what makes this a great meme.

I rate this meme 9/10 because I found this meme hilarious !



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