Get Some Help


Get some help is the name of an Internet meme which is based on an anti-drug public service announcement that was presented by retired professional basketball player Michael Jordan.

The theme of the PSA is Michael urging young people to stay away from doing drugs while also telling those who are currently taking drugs to get some help.

This line in the PSA is where the meme gets its name and associated hash-tag (#getsomehelp) from.


The public service announcement video which features Michael Jordan was originally aired on the American television network ABC on may 26th 1987 at the end of a made for tv anti drug video special called cracked up.

Luckily thanks to people like YouTube user EightiesTV, who uploaded the original video to the internet, this meme was able to come into existence.

Even-though the original video was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, it only recently became popular when vine user First Comment made a vine (which went viral) called stop it on 7th June 2016.

Although the vine made by First Comment help spread the meme, the first example of the Michael Jordan PSA usage in a vine was made by vine user James king who made a vine on 2nd January 2014 called mike knows best.


The main use of this meme is to mix the clip of Michael Jordan saying stop it / get some help with a cringe worthy clip or with a clip in which someone is doing something which you don’t agree with.


I feel that this meme is good, its prevalence has exposed me to a plethora of entertaining cringe-worthy videos which without watching these remix videos I would have not known about therefore I feel that this meme is highly recommended if you are into watching cringe comps and so on.



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