Fuck me Jerry

This meme is based on a vine in which a young man who is facing a camera and then suddenly he takes his hat off and can be seen saying “jerry, jerry, I want you to fuck me jerry !”, he is referencing popular vine content creator jerry purpdrank.


The original clip started off as a vine from vine user “karl from online” who posted the vine called @jerry purpdrank please for the love of god to his vine page on 31st December 2015.


The main use of this meme is to get the audio from the original vine and mix it with other videos. Usually the audio has had heavy distortion applied to it.


In my opinion this meme takes the crown (so far) for being the funniest weird type of meme there is, once again like a few other memes (ocean man and fitness gram pacer test) the remix videos incorporate heavy audio distortion combined with an unfitting video, if you have read the reviews for ocean man or fitness gram pacer test then will know that I am very fond of this style of remixing as for me it always seems to make me laugh. For this reason I will rate this meme 8/10 as I found the most of the remixes of this meme to be very funny.



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