Fresh Avocado


This meme is based on a vine in which a woman who Is recording a store sign that is owned by a del taco store (an American fast food chain which specialises in Mexican food) can be heard saying “get to del taco, they got a new thing called free shavocado” (it actually says fresh avocado on the sign but due to the placement of the letters on the sign instead of spelling “fresh avocado” is looks like its spells free shavocado).


This meme is based on a vine called new item at del taco restaurants guys !! get yourself some #freshavocado before they sell out!!!, the vine was created by vine user gasoleen and it was posted to her vine channel on 15th February 2016.


The main use of this meme is to mix the part of the vine where the lady says “free shavocado” with songs so that “free shavocado” is added as lyrics to whatever song it is mixed with.


Personally I do not understand the appeal of this meme, I don’t find it particularly funny and fail to see why other people find it so hilarious. I think that the phrase “free shavocado” does not work well with other videos clips and that’s why I probably can’t find it as funny as many of the other people who comment on the remix videos, claiming that the meme is the “funniest ever”.

I rate this meme at 4/10 as sadly for me it is not that great.



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