FitnessGram Pacer Test

This meme is based on an audio recording of a physical health test known as the pacer test, the test is made by the cooper institutes’s flagship youth program known as “FitnessGram”. The meme focuses on the announcer of the fitness test who is heard explaining the rules of the test before the test begins.


This meme originated from a division of the cooper institution’s youth division known as FitnessGram. The recording was created in 2011 by FitnessGram and the video shown above was uploaded to YouTube by YouTube user “parker Wright” on November 10th 2011.


The main use of this meme is to remix it with other videos. The main style in which this video is remixed is when the audio of the announcer in the fitnessgram pacer test video is overdubbed in another video as the punchline of a joke, usually with the audio of the announcer being heavily distorted.

The second style in which this meme is remixed is when there is a video of someone running or doing some sort of exercise and once again the heavily distorted audio of the announcer is overdubbed on top of the video.


I found this meme to be very funny, I found that along side with “ocean man” which is another 2016 meme, this meme is the only other meme so far which uses audio effects to make the remixes funny. Most of these clips contain a lot of audio distortion which I feel is such a funny effect and along with a (usually) unfitting video clip these two combined makes for a very funny video. As there is a lot of this present in the fitness gram pacer test remixes I have found them to be most entertaining.

I rate this meme 7/10 as it is enjoyable and will guarantee to make you laugh at least once.



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