Fire Spray Challenge


The “fire spray challenge” is an internet challenge meme in which people record themselves igniting flammable liquid and then uploading the video to social media.


Based on my research, this meme originated from Instagram from the hashtag #firespraychallenge however as with most of these “challenges” which appear on social media it is often very difficult to find the original video which started the trend because it is not based on a clip from a video like a lot of other memes are.

Even-though I was unable to find the original video, I am quite confident in saying that this challenge became a meme during the start of April 2016.


The main use of the fire spray challenge is to attempt it your self by finding an extremely flammable liquid, (usually in a lot of the videos which I have seen it either tends to be some type of deodorant or perfume) finding a lighter and then spraying the flammable liquid into the lighter which as a result produces a mini flame-thrower like effect.

The resultant video is then meant to be uploaded to social media.


To me this challenge is a good example of natural selection occurring, because the idiots who participate in this challenge are very likely to either :

1. harm themselves

2. harm someone else

3. burn their house down

As a result of destroying themselves while attempting this challenge they are wiped out of the gene pool and thus a new generation of idiots will never get a chance to be born.

In all seriousness though are teenagers really so bored these days that they would risk burning their house down just to get a few likes on Instagram ?

I rate this challenge 0/10 because not only is it stupid and dangerous but its not even entertaining so for me every aspect of this meme is a fail !



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