Everybody Say Sausage keep it going

The “everybody say sausage” meme is based on a viral video in which a group teenage boys can be seen rapping in what looks like a school classroom. At the end of each verse of the rap everybody can be heard saying sausage.


It is hard to determine at what date this video came into existence or who the original poster of the video is as the original poster seems to have deleted all traces of themselves from the internet.

What is easy to determine however is when this meme peaked in popularity. According to the google trends chart this meme peaked during April 2015.


The main use of this meme was that it was parodied by many other people and in some cases the word sausage was replaced by another word for example instead of saying “everybody say sausage keep it going ” people who parodied the meme would say something like “everybody say tacos keep it going”.


I feel that this is another one of stupid memes which really has no purpose but because everybody wanted to imitate the original it eventually became popular. In my opinion it is not really funny nor is it entertaining, it makes me really concerned about today’s youth if all they find funny is a group of boys or girls rapping about how much they love “sausage”.

I rate this meme 4/10 because as a hetrosexual male I find it hard to relate to a group of 13 year old girls rapping about their love for “sausage”.



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