Durr Plant

This meme is based on a youtube video by popular youtube video content creator “I hate everything” (or alex as his real name is), it features alex placing a potted plant in the middle of one of the rooms in his house and then pointing at the plant all while saying “durr plant” in a idiotic voice. (almost as if he were trying to imitate how a baby would say durr plant)


This meme originates from a youtube video called I hate damn Daniel by popular youtuber I Hate Everything, the video was posted to Alex’s YouTube channel on 23rd February 2016.


The main use of this meme is to mix the original meme with videos of plants, in order to create weird as well funny remixes.


After having seen a few of the “durr plant” remixes I can safely say that they are very unusual but overall good as they are quite different to the standard video remixes which you get for a majority of memes.

My favourite remix (and the most unusual one) shows a video of a young boy thrusting his pelvis into a potted plant (as well as doing various other things with the potted plant) all while badly photoshopped images of plants can be seen flying across the screen and the audio of “durr plant” being played in the background. This video is so weird but yet so funny in the sense that its so bad that it makes it comical.

Another funny remix which I also liked was something called “durr plant trap remix 2016”, this is again something which I find to be very weird and also badly done (although i’m not sure if the creator purposely tried to make it bad). It is simply a song which features the original audio which has been pitch shifted and a simple drum beat has been added to it, what makes this so funny is how unfitting everything is, the drum beat does not match the audio and every 10 seconds or so there is a sound effect of a man saying “eh !” which also does not fit. This makes for a hilarious listen !

Overall I rate this meme 7 / 10 as even if durr plant was never intended to be an actual meme, It has still spawned some hilarious videos as a result of becoming a one.



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