Dubai was Lit


Dubai was lit is the name of a meme which is based on a video of a boy named brandon who has just come out of anaesthesia and is somewhat still high by the effects of the aesthetic. The video revolves around him having a conversation with his mother about how fun his recent trip to dubai was.

Along with the comical commentary which the boy gives about his adventures in dubai, another interesting aspect about this video is the boys voice. I don’t know if he is purposely trying to talk with a accent or if that is his real speaking voice however it is interesting because it sounds like he is trying to imitate a black American man’s voice in the video.


The original video is called anaesthesia #2, it was posted to YouTube on 1st may 2016 by YouTube user Amanda Lally.


The main use of this meme is to take the audio of Brandon speaking and use it in order to create a song .


After watching all of the original videos, all I can make of them is that Brandon would make a very good katt williams impersonator.

I don’t know about you but to me these videos seem to be staged (I believe that the voice in the video is not Brandon’s real voice) and because of this reason I don’t like this meme.

Even though I know katt williams would have rated this meme 10/10 I have to disagree with him as I did not really understand its appeal nor did I find it funny therefore I rate this meme 2/10.



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