Don’t judge me challenge

The don’t judge me “challenge” is a meme in which people depict themselves as ugly by doing the following :

1. drawing red / black dots on their face to represent acne

2. wearing thick framed glasses

3. have messy / unkempt hair

4. drawing a uni-brow on themselves with a felt tip pen.

After showing a few seconds of themselves in this dishevelled state, they cover up the camera up with their hand for a second or so then they uncover the camera view in order to reveal a polished version of themselves without all of the features listed above.

The purpose of the this “challenge” is to not judge a person by their looks.


As this meme does not originate from a single video source, it is hard to find out what date this meme started on however according the Google trends, there is a sharp peak during July 2015 which would suggest that it started during (and was most popular in) July 2015.


The main way in which this meme was “used” was when people across social media copied the challenge in their own way and posted their own version to their social media accounts in a desperate attempt to get some social media fame.


well well well…in my opinion this has to be the worst meme ever ! The whole “supposed” point of the video is not to judge a person by their looks however its quite ironic that the people who “star” in these videos judge other people who wear glasses or who have skin problems such as acne to be ugly ! I though the whole point of this meme was not to judge people based on their looks ?

Anyway I feel that this “challenge” was a complete failure by the douchbag people who attempted it and goes to prove how stupid some of today’s young people are !

I rate this meme 0/10, this is the worst meme I have ever seen. It is neither funny or entertaining and I feel that is made for pretentious idiots who need to validate themselves by showing how “beautiful” the are !



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