Dj khaled snapchat videos

This meme is based on the motivational snapchat videos that rapper dj khaled has posted to his snapchat account (djkhaled305).


This meme originates from the videos which dj khaled has posted to his snapchat account, djkhaled305 which were created during december 2015. What caused this to become a meme is the motivational nature of the videos in which dj khaled explains what he feels the “keys to success” are.


Many of the phrases said by dj khaled throughout his snapchat videos have become quite popular, phrases such as “keys to success”, “bless up”, “lion”, “another one”, “don’t ever play yourself”, “we the best”, “congratulations, you played yourself” (which all originated from his snap-chat videos) seem to have taken the internet by storm and have become embedded in current internet culture. The main use of this meme is to parody the snapchat videos by creating a video in the syle of dj khaled’s snapchats.


I find this meme to be ok, it is a good example of the power of social media, how it can change someone’s life for the better and how anyone (no matter how unlikely such as dj khaled) can become very popular (or significantly much more popular as dj khaled was already a well known hip hop artist before his snapchat videos but his videos allowed him to reach a more mainstream audience) in such a short space of time. (with the help of a few catchphrases and a larger than life personality)

I rate this meme 5/10.



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