Dancing Bellsprout


Dancing Bellsprout is the name of an Internet meme which is based on a scene from the Japanese animé television show Pokemon.

The scene is part of an episode called a bout with sprout and is shown shortly after 10 minutes and 50 seconds into the episode. For copyright reasons I can’t show a direct link to the episode here but you can easily find it with a quick google search.

For those who don’t have time to watch the whole 22 minute episode but want to know the back-story of the scene which became a meme, here is a brief description of the story-line in that episode:

While travelling to violet city Ash and his friends come across a school for aspiring pokemon trainers called the pokemon academy. One of the students named Zackie is obsessed with Ash’s pikachu and steals a pokeball from Ash in an attempt to catch him.


A screenshot showing zackie trying to capture Ash’s pikachu. (on second thought it looks like something else if you know what I mean wink wink lol)

Pikachu who is obviously scared by Zackies attempts to capture him flees into a nearby forest and it is up to ash to retrieve both Zackie and his Pikachu while everyone else takes a field trip to a near by place of interest called the sprout tower.

Meanwhile in the forest just as Zackie thinks that he has successfully caught Ash’s pikachu, Ash grabs Zackie and both of them are then ambushed by team rocket.

In an attempt to defend themselves, Zackie throws the poke-ball only to realise that he didn’t catch pikachu but ended up catching a wild bell-sprout.

The very next scene after this the bell-sprout can be seen swaying in the grass as everyone looks on in disbelief (this is the scene which this meme is based on).


This meme originates from the show pokemon. The episode A bout With Sprout is part of the Johto journeys series of the animé and was first aired in the united states on the 16th December 2000.

This meme has become very popular on vine and since its inception there have been many influential viners which have created remixes that have helped push this meme into the mainstream.

Out of the many popular remixes which I have seen (and believe me there were lots of popular vines based on this meme which have well over 500 thousand+ loops) I believe that the most influential vine which has helped to spread this meme is a vine called seductive which was created on 11th august 2016 by the hugely influential viner James, gtfo.


A screenshot of the immensly popular seductive vine which currently has over 8.3 million loops.

As well as James, gtfo, other influential vine creators such as mason chill out! And the cable turned off Cade have also made some popular remixes thus further promoting this meme into the mainstream.

According to google trends this meme started gaining popularity during July 2016 and has since sky-rocketed in popularity especially during August 2016.

The hash-tag which is associated with this meme is #dancingbellsprout.


Based on the numerous videos which I have seen I believe that the main way in which this video is remixed is by mixing the swaying of the bell-sprout with music so that the music fits with the swaying.

Also because the bell-sprout looks like it is thrusting (in a sexual manner) in the video many people have mixed the video with songs of a sexual nature.


I like this meme, it’s quite unusual which I like and also it’s nice to see a meme which has been created from a different cartoon rather than the same old sponge-bob memes which are forever present on the internet !



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