Damn Mommy challenge


The ‘damn mommy challenge’ is a dance meme which originated on Instagram and features people creating videos of themselves dancing to the song “down in the DM (jersey club remix)” by DJ Flex.


The song which this challenge is based on is called down in the DM (jersey club remix) by DJ Flex, it was uploaded to the youtube channel “TEAMCLUB” on January 11th 2016 however currently (April 2016) this version of the video has been blocked in some countries due to copyright grounds, (the video link in the main image above seems to be a re-uploaded version of the song).

What’s interesting about this song (and presumably why it has been blocked due to copyright grounds) is due to the fact that it samples the popular song down in the DM by American rapper yo Gotti, which is from his 2016 album “the art of the hustle”.

Even though the remix song was created in January 2016, this meme (which originated from instagram) only became popular during April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to record a video of yourself dancing along with the song and uploading it to social media.

Even though the song is called “down in the DM (jersey club remix)” it got its name as the “damn mommy challenge” because the people who created the dance videos start dancing when a vocal track in the song (which happens at 0:25 minutes during the song) says “damn mommy”.


My opinion of this meme is quite consistent with how I feel about most dance memes in general, mainly being that they are quite bad. The reason for this in regards to this meme in particular is due to the fact that there is nothing new or interesting happening because the people in the video are using the same old dance moves which unlike the dab, whip, nae nae or any other unique dance challenge (where some new dance move is created) this meme seems generic and therefore boring in my opinion !

I rate this meme to be 2/10 because the dancing in this meme lacks in originality !



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