Damn Daniel

This meme is based on a series of snapchat videos by schoolboys Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz. In the video Joshua Holz who is recording Daniel can be heard saying “damn Daniel” as he is impressed with the clothes which Daniel is wearing.


This meme originated from a series of snapchat videos by Joshua Holz. A video compilation of the snapchat videos which were created by Holz was uploaded on the official youtube channel of Daniel Lara on 21st February 2016.


The main way in which this meme is used is by taking the original audio from the snapcahat videos and using it create a song from. People have also parodied the original video in their own videos by copying the style of the video (for example one person recording another person while saying something like “damn X, back at it again with the white vans” where X is the persons name).


This has to be in my opinion one of the worst memes of 2016 so far, I fail to see anything remotely funny about this meme, the guy who is filming Daniel just sounds like a gay stalker who Is praying on / harassing this Daniel boy.

This meme is a perfect example of how unfortunately any trash can become viral these days ! What’s even more concerning than this meme is the fact that so many young people find this funny ! the only saving grace to this meme is that it is short lived and that Daniel will no doubt return to normality soon enough (but not before appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show first !)

I rate this meme 0/10 as it is not funny in the slightest, in my opinion it is simply over hyped garbage !



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