Condom Challenge

This meme is based around the act of someone filling up a condom with water and dropping it on someone else’s head, with the intent that the water filled condom will cover the targets head.


It is hard to say who first started this trend as there are numerous people who have taken part in this “challenge” however the first youtube video which is based on this meme was published by the user “best vines TV” on the 22nd November 2015.

The google trends chart also confirms that this meme must has surfaced around November 2015 as it shows that it peaked in popularity during December 2015.


The main “use” of this meme is to emulate everyone else who has taken part in this challenge by having someone drop a condom filled with water on your head and post the video online.


For me personally this has to be one of the worst memes that has surfaced on the internet during recent times. (the other being the don’t judge me challenge, there is a separate article on that here)

I don’t really understand the purpose of this “challenge” as firstly filling a condom with water and putting it over your head is not really a challenge (aren’t challenges meant to be things which are difficult to accomplish ?)

Apart from the fact that this challenge neither funny or entertaining. (what’s so funny about a condom being dropped on someone’s head ?)

I feel that meme is a perfect example of how anything on the internet (no matter how stupid) can become a viral trend which in this case can be a bad thing.

I rate this meme at an awful 0/10, It has to be one of the worst memes which I have seen so far !



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