Chewbacca Mom


Chewbacca mom is an internet meme which is based on a video of a mother named Candace Payne (who is clearly a star wars fan judging by the tee shirt which she is wearing as it has a picture of a Death star on it) who is overly excited about buying herself a Chewbacca mask for her birthday.

The main point of interest in this video is when Candace tries on the Chewbacca mask and then bursts into an uncontrollable torrent of laughter after hearing for the first time the funny chewbacca voice which the mask makes.


The original video was created by Candace Payne, it was titled it’s the simple joys in life and was posted to Candace’s facebook page on 19th may 2016.

At the time of writing this article, (28th may 2016) the original video as earned Candace an impressive 150 million video views.


As far as I can tell, the two main uses of this meme are to either parody the original video or to remix the the video by creating a song based on it.


In my opinion there seems to be a link between how mainstream a meme is and how cancerous and absolutely unfunny it is.

I first noticed this link when the “damn daniel” meme was trending, at the time it was the most mainstream / “normie” meme to have existed and in my opinion it was also one of the worst and unfunniest memes to have existed however now that this chewbacca mom meme has hit the mainstream I feel that my theory has been validated because I also feel that is meme is an unfunny overrated rotting pile of gargabe.

The remixes are a mixed bag in my opinion, on one hand we have a fantastic remix by the Gregory brothers, who were the masterminds behind the hugely successful bed intruder song but then we also have an extremely cringe worthy parody video made by junkinvideo which to me is the worst failure of a parody video that I have seen in a long time.

Overall I rate this meme 1/10 because like all of the other normie memes which I have seen so far it is unfunny mainstream garbage.



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