The bruh meme is about a video of man from garfield heights known as tony farmer, it shows farmer collapsing onto the courtroom floor when a cuyahoga country judge has just sentenced him to three years in jail for assaulting his ex girlfriend Andrea lane.

The part of 5 minute video which has turned into the meme is when farmer hears the news that he will serve 3 years in jail, he says “bruh !” then immediately collapses in shock.


The original video can be seen on youtube under the title HS basketball star tony farmer collapses to floor as judge reads 3 year sentence, it was uploaded to youtube by youtube user “js javascript” on August 24th 2012.


The bruh meme is usually used in conjunction with another video which comes before it, the first video usually features someone doing something or saying something very stupid after which the bruh vine is played, it is used to indicate that person the first video was either saying something stupid or doing something stupid.


I personally like the bruh meme, not only are the scenarios which are used within the remix videos funny but they are also relate able with the common viewer.

The ability to relate to the scenarios which are used with this meme is in my opinion why this meme has become one of the more popular memes of 2014.

I rate this meme 7/10.



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