Birdman vs The Breakfast Club


Birdman vs the breakfast club is a meme which is based off an interview between American rapper Birdman and Charlamagne tha god, DJ envy and Angela Yee who are collectively known as the breakfast club. The interview took place on their radio show which is part of the new York radio station power 105.1.

The build-up to this meme was that Birdman was very angry at the breakfast club for talking trash about him and wanted to confront them and tell them that they should all respect his name when talking about him.

Ultimately this confrontation made Birdman look like he was the bad guy because of his rude and threatening behaviour towards the breakfast club.

The meme is based on a few sentences which Birdman says during the interview, they are the following :

“put some respect on my name”,

“all three of y’all”

“are y’all finished or y’all done ?”

What makes the first two sentences funny are because birdman has a very strong southern united states accent it sounds like he said the following

“put some respek on my name”

“all tree of y’all”

And finally what makes the last sentence funny is because it doesn’t make any sense.


The original video was posted to YouTube under the title Birdman goes off on the breakfast club power 105.1. The video was posted by the YouTube channel “105.1 breakfast club” on 22nd April 2016.


The main use of this meme is to make songs / funny remixes / cartoon parodies from the the sayings which birdman said during the interview.


I think that this is a very funny meme, one thing which I am particularly impressed with is how fast people can make funny songs given so little source material. (I saw one really good song whose only lyrics were “put some respek on it”)

Also I liked the part of the interview where Birdman says “are y’all finished or y’all done”. This sentence is so stupid and nonsensical that I couldn’t help but laugh at it, moreover after having watched the whole interview I feel that Birdman deserves to be made fun off because during the interview all he did was be rude and threaten the breakfast club before abruptly leaving so I think that all these memes where he is being made fun off is the internet’s way of handing out some well deserved karma.

I rate this meme 9/10 mainly because of that classic line “are y’all finished or y’all done”.



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