Bing Bong

This meme features businessman Donald trump saying “bing bing bong bong” during his speech at the Michigan rally on 8th November 2015.


This original video was made on the 8th November 2015 when Donald trump was giving a speech at the Michigan rally as part of his presidential campaign.

Currently according to Google trends (January 2016) the bing bong meme is continually gaining popularity indicating that it has yet to reach its peak.


The main use of the bing bong meme is that it is remixed with music, often the lyrics of a song which it is remixed with are exchanged with the words “bing bong”.


This is the second meme which features our soon to be lord and saviour donald trump. (the other being “a small loan of a million dollars”)

I feel that this meme was very funny even though it looks like something you would only find on the weird side of youtube.

It seems that the internet always seems to amaze me by the way it can take a small and often insignificant part of a video and transform it into something funny and unique. This meme perfectly demonstrates this fact.

I rate this meme 8/10 because of its creativity and uniqueness.



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