The bekfast meme is based on a video of a woman in an angel costume saying “what is going on here?” to which a man (who appears to have downs syndrome) in a devil costume replies “breakfast” to her but because of his strong accent, it appears as if he is saying “bekfast”.


The origin of this meme is that it comes from a video called nuts for pudding – SYMO, this video was uploaded by youtube user “shoot your mouth off films”. It was published on the 22nd of march 2007.

Even-though the original video was created in 2007, it has only gained popularity in 2015. According to Google trends, this meme peaked during January 2016.


The main use of the bekfast meme is that it is used alongside other videos to create funny remixes whereby the punchline of the video is the guy in the devil costume saying “bekfast”.


I thought this meme was not that great for a couple of reasons, firstly the way in which the remix videos were edited as most of them were mistimed in terms of the edit and therefore were bad in my opinion. The second reason as to why this meme was lacklustre was due to the fact that people were not able to produce a good edit where the punchline of the joke was “breakfast” (which is fair I guess because how many jokes about breakfast do you know ?).

Lastly as the original video was from 2007 the video / audio quality was also poor and I feel that this also negatively impacted on the meme overall.

I rate this meme with a poor score of 4/10.



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