Awolnation Run


The “run” meme is based on the song run by awolnation from their 2015 album which is also named run.


The song which this meme is based off from was released on YouTube on the 17th march 2015 by red bull records. According to Google trends, This meme peaked in popularity during July 2015.


This meme has been quite quite popular with content creators on vine, the main way in which they incorporated this meme was by creating a scenario whileby the song run was playing in the background while the viners were running away from something or someone in that scenario when the singer of the song said “run”.


I feel that this meme was good, the video remixes were funny but it was the vines (which were created by the big vine channels) which were really impressive as they used the song to create funny vines using a wide range of scenarios, some of which were highly relatable for example braking something expensive item in your house and then having to run from your angry mom or dad as result.

I rate this meme a solid 7/10.



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