Are you sure about that


Are you sure about that is the name of an internet meme which is based on a sentence that wwe professional wrestler John cena said while filming a YouTube video for the American cell phone company cricket wireless.

The idea behind the video was that cricket wireless wanted to bring the extremely popular unexpected John Cena meme to life by inviting a group of John Cena fans to their offices with the premise of them becoming ambassadors for cena’s new store which he had recently opened with the company however they were not aware that the real john cena was also there and would unexpectedly make a surprise appearance just like he does in the meme.

The part of the video which has become a meme occurs around 2:15, when the director who is shooting the advert (for the store) asks a fan “what kind of animal would John Cena be ?” to which the fan replies “a tiger” then suddenly John appears from behind a poster and says to her “are you sure about that ?”.


This meme originates from YouTube. The original video is called The unexpected John Cena Prank | hidden camera, it was published by YouTube channel cricket wireless on 29th June 2016.

Even-though it is John Cena who was in the video and whose words have become a meme, I believe that the real creator of this meme is a YouTube user called UFkinWotM8 who created a video titled “are you sure about that” GREENSCREEN on 30th June 2016.

I believe that UFukinWotM8 is the originator of this meme because his / her video was only created a day after the original video and so far it is the highest viewed video about this meme (it currently has 150 thousand plus views) which has been made so close (in terms of date) to the original video.


A screenshot from UFukinWotM8’s video, who I believe directly created this meme.

Apart from UfukinWotM8’s video, here are a few other popular videos which have helped to spread this meme throughout the internet.

Firstly an untitled vine which was posted on 3rd august 2016 by vine user Breaking Chad has tremendously helped to spread this meme, currently the video is trending on vine has has accumulated over 3.5 million loops.


A screenshot from Breaking Chad’s popular video which is currently trending on vine.

Another popular vine titled sure which was posted on 26th July 2016 by vine user Craig’s last has also helped to spread the meme with it’s impressive 333 thousand plus loops.

Even-though the original video was created on 29th June 2016, according to google trends this meme has reached its highest popularity (so far) during august 2016 however I personally predict that this meme will become even popular than it is now during September 2016 as to be honest I feel that it is still not that mainstream as of yet.

The main hash-tags which are associated this meme are #johnCena, #areYouSureAboutThat and the main search term is are you sure about that.


Based on what I have seen, the main use of this meme is to mix the green screen video of John Cena with videos of people saying highly questionable or stupid things so that after someone in a video says something stupid or questionable, John cena’s face appears and he says “are you sure about that ?”.


Will this john cena meme become as popular as the 2015 one ? In my opinion I don’t think so because to me it just doesn’t have the same ring to it like the 2015 meme did however that does not stop this being a good meme which is quite funny and has quite a unique concept as well.



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