Apple juice Time

This meme is based on a vine however as its original source has been deleted therfore it is unknown who created the original video or when it was created. The vine features an apple which is placed on a table and a girl saying “apple juice time” before hitting an apple with her head.


As the original video has been deleted from vine, it is hard to determine who uploaded it and when it was uploaded however since its release the original vine has been re-uploaded to youtube. According to google trends, The apple juice time meme seems to have peeked in popularity during April 2015.


The main use of this meme is when it is mixed with other videos, especially music where content creators tend to mix the thud sound of the girl hitting her head on the table with the drum parts of any accompanying music.


I feel that this is one of those memes makes me question why other people find this video to be so funny. All of the remixes consist of the girl hitting the apple with her head along with the music….that’s it ! There is nothing else which is humours or funny.

All I can think of when watching the videos are that they are mildly entertaining however they fail to leave me with nothing more than thoughts such as : why I am wasting my time watching this rubbish when I could be watching some funny instead ?

I rate this meme an abysmal 1/10, this meme should not have been called apple juice time but rather failure to make a funny meme time.



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