Another one

This meme is based on the music video “how many times” by dj khaled. At the beginning of the video where dj khaled pulls up to (what appears to be) a construction site there are 6 Satanically clad models waiting for him. After getting out of his car dj khaled then calls one of the models over then proceeds to kiss her, after kissing the model, he says “another one” to her (referring to the model giving him another kiss), this happens a few times before the actual song starts.


The original video was published on dj khaled’s youtube channel on 12th may 2015. according to google trends, this meme peaked in popularity during December 2015.


The another one meme is used in picture memes as well as in videos. In terms of videos it has been used by viners to create vines in which the punch line of the vine is when someone says “another one” as a way to parody dj khaled. It has also been used in remixes to create songs from as well as funny videos from.


I found this meme be some what funny however I feel that the humour is aimed at children or teenagers as the remix video contains a lot of fart jokes which I feel would be funny if I was a 10 year old which unfortunately I am not.

I rate this meme 5/10 because its ok however it might be funnier if you are a younger viewer.



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