All Around Me Are Familiar Faces


All around me are familiar faces is the name of an internet meme which is based on a viral vine in which a boy named John Rubino can seen performing a cover of the song Mad world by the band Tears for Fears.

Even though the song mad world was created by Tears for Fears, the version which John was performing a cover off, was made by songwriters Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for the the 2001 science fiction film Donnie Darkio.


The video which this meme is based on originated from vine. The vine titled 1st attempt to singing mad world by Gary Jules (as used in donnie Darkio and gears of war 3) was created by vine user JohnsEdge AKA John Rubino on 17th December 2013.

Even though the original vine was created in 2013, according to google trends it became significantly more popular for every month after October 2015 and ultimately it peaked in popularity during march 2016.

I believe that this gain in popularity for every month after October 2015 was directly related to a remix vine which was created by big viner stop it, Joe on 29th October 2015 who’s vine (which currently has 8.3 million+ loops) significantly helped to spread this meme.

The main hash-tag which is associated with this meme is #AllAroundMeAreFamiliarFaces.


The audio of this vine is usually mixed with videos of people failing while attempting to do something. The main use of this is to convey a sad moment which occurs when failing at something.


I feel that although this meme is definitely good at what it is used for in terms of creating a sombre mood, I find that the remix videos are not that funny because of it’s use and therefore I do not rate this meme to be that great.



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