ACDoge is a meme based on a vine video in which vine user John Bergin can be seen recording himself walking towards a car (which has the passenger window fully open) in which two dogs can be seen sitting inside. As soon as John comes within inches of the passenger door, one of the dogs sees john and barks at him.


This meme originated from vine. The first occurrence of this meme was when John Bergin posted a vine called doggy deeds on 27th august 2015. This vine featured the video of the dog being mixed with the song “dirty deeds done cheap” by the rock band AC/DC.

As a result of the success of the first vine, John went on to create similar vines which used the same video clip but were mixed with different AC/DC songs.

Here are a few examples of these similar vines.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Even though the first ACDoge vine video made by John was released in August 2015, he only recently uploaded the original version of the video (without any music mixed in) to his vine channel.


The main use of this meme is to mix the vine video (the version which does not have any music added to it) with music so that the bark which the dog makes goes together with the beat of the added music.


In my opinion I do not find this meme to be interesting at all, in fact it makes me wonder why a video of a dog barking can become so immensely popular in the first place.

In terms of the remixes I usually rate funny or creative remixes to be the best but all of the remixes in this meme were not really favourable with me because I do not think mixing a dogs bark with music can ever be funny / entertaining in the slightest way and this meme proves it.

I rate this meme 3/10 because it doesn’t appeal to me, there are plenty of better funnier memes out there and sadly ACDoge just doesn’t cut it…



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