A whole bag of jellybeans up my ass

This meme consists of a woman only known as “miss aarrone99” admitting on video that she put a whole bag of jelly beans up her ass.


The origin of this meme is that it comes from a youtube video called i’m a freaky fat bitch by youtube user aarrone99, The video was published on the 9th march 2011 however has gained significant popularity in 2015 when it found its way onto the video site vine.


The main use of this meme is when it is remixed with other videos such that the punchline of the remixed video is “I put a whole bag of jellybean’s up my ass”.


I feel that this meme belongs in the “weird side of youtube”, I mean how often do you hear someone admitting on camera that they put a whole bag of jellybean’s up their ass ?

Anyway moving on to the actual remix videos I found them to be ok but they were far from special, the only clip which I found to be funny was when someone put a segment of the show sponge-bob square-pants in which a character says “welcome to the salty splatoon, how tough are you ?” to which they edited the reply to be “how tough am I ? I put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass !”.

I would rate this meme 5/10 as it is ok but far from spectacular.



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