A small loan of a million dollars

This meme is based on businessman Donald trump. In an interview with the today television network a woman who was part of the studio audience asked donald trump the following question “apart from the exception of your family, have you ever been told no ?”, Donald then explained to her how his whole life he had been told no and that his father gave him a small loan of a million dollars which is quite hysterical considering that a million dollars is far from a “small loan”.


The original video clip was published on the TODAY network’s official YouTube channel on the 26th October 2015. According to Google trends, this meme peaked in popularity in January 2016.


This meme was mainly used by viners to create funny vine situations from, it has also be remixed with other videos.


I find this meme hilarious because it shows us how different normal peoples lives are when compared to the wealthy. I’m sure for a normal person like you or me, a small loan would be maybe a few hundred to a few thousand dollars however what makes that meme funny is that us normal people can believe how absurd it is to claim that 1 million dollars is a small loan, I mean that loan amount had instantly made him a millionaire !

I believe its the absurdity in that statement which Donald trump said which has made this into a memorable meme.

I rate this meme 6/10 unless donald trump can lend me a small loan of a million dollars…in which case I would rate it a 10/10.



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