9 + 10 = 21

The 9 + 10 = 21 is an internet meme which is based on a vine in which a boy (habeeb cisse) is seen answering 21 when asked what 9 + 10 equals. It has gained popularity due to the seemingly stupid answer habeeb gave.


The original poster of the 9 + 10 vine seems to have deleted their account as I could not find any official vine user when searching for the 9 + 10 vine however the original vine has been uploaded to youtube.


The main use of the 9 + 10 vine is when it is remixed with other video / audio clips, one such viral example of this is when it was remixed to the music of the song “hot nigga” by bobby shmurda.


This meme was one of the most prominent memes of 2014 and with good cause, even by itself the the original vine is funny but when the audio was mixed with other videos, this was when the meme was taken to the next level in terms of its appeal.

Another reason why this meme was so popular was because all of the big vine channels jumped on the bandwagon as it were and created their own parody versions of the original vine. I found these to be good as they would parody the meme in various different and interesting ways by using a number of varying scenarios in which to re-enact the original video.

Finally the last and best reason as to why I enjoyed this meme was because of the fact that some creative person mixed the audio from the original video with the song “hot nigga” by bobby shmurda. Not only did the music and audio match well but the final result was seriously catchy and seriously funny ! This was probably because a video showing gangster rappers dancing to the audio of the vine seems so out of place and unfitting that you can’t help but to laugh at it !

I rate this meme 8/10.



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