4:19 vs 4:20


4:19 vs 4:20 is the name of an Internet meme which is based on a style of video that shows a person or object’s transition from the time 4:19 to 4:20.

In this meme the 4:20 refers to the cannabis culture definition of the term whereby one would smoke weed at the time 4:20 pm.

Therefore one could say that this meme is used to show (with comedic effect) the transition of an individual from a sober state (4:19) to how they would look while high on cannabis (4:20).


After spending a lot of time searching the internet, the earliest example of this meme which I could find was from video called 4:19 vs 4:20 that was uploaded to YouTube by YouTube user Jay Hirsch on 8th February 2016.

Even-though this was the earliest example of the 4:19 vs 4:20 meme I don’t believe that it is the original video which started this trend because first of all the video has the Flipagram watermark on it and secondly it is the same length as a vine so as a result of these factors I can’t accurately determine the original source of the video.

If anyone reading this finds a 4:19 vs 4:20 style of video which was made earlier than 8th February 2016, please link it in the comments section below so that I can amend this section.

Even though I have not been able to find the original video which started this meme, I do believe that a video called don’t be too crazy today you rascals which was uploaded By viner OMG its Richiey on 20th April 2016 helped popularize it. (as of writing this post the vine has over 1.5 million loops)

This meme has quite a few tags which are associated with it, they are #420, #420vines and #420blazeit. Surprisingly though the most obvious tag #419vs420 has not been used yet. As well the these tags, the search term 4:19 vs 4:20 is also associated with this meme.


The main use of this meme is to make your own dank 4:19 vs 4:20 video.

A generic 4:19 vs 4:20 video usually incorporates the following features:

1. A video made up of four pictures which are edited in the style of a slideshow.

2. The pictures are (usually) of a real person but can be based on anything else such as a cartoon character, animal, object and so on.

3. Each picture has text on it, the first picture in the sequence starts with the text 4:17 while subsequent pictures have 4:18, 4:19 and then finally the last picture has 4:20 written on it.

4. The picture which is used for the 4:20 frame is usually a twisted, unusual, weird or cringey version of the person or object that the video is based on.

5. A song usually accompanies the video and when the 4:20 picture is shown the song gets heavily bass boosted to the point where distortion occurs.

The “official” song which is meant to be used with this meme is called bandz by rappers travis scott and meek mill. The section which is used in the meme occurs from the first 0:09 to 0:15 seconds of the song.

Even though bandz is the “official” song which is meant to be used in this meme, I have also seen many 4:19 to 4:20 videos which use the song 30 – by an artist named Fukkit. More specifically the part of the song which is used in this meme is between the first 0:28 to 0:32 seconds of the song.


I rate this meme 10/10, not only are the pictures used at 4:20 hilarious but also the build-up and the bass distortion are important factors that help make this an excellent meme in my opinion.




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